Lancer Capital

Zeyu Sun   Founding Partner

One of ColdLar founders, professional researcher of FinTech Innovation Lab at Peking University. As a renowned angel investor in blockchain and the earliest contributor to the blockchain community.

With keen investment vision and advanced business consciousness, precise layout and leading trend, it is one of the pioneers and representatives of the Blockchain industry in China.
Candice Zhao    Managing Partner

As Managing director, In Genesis Capital responsible for Global business development and strategy consulting. She has strong global network of resources and rich experience in consulting.

Used to work for world's top luxury PR company, and her clients include Berluti, Alberta ferretti and Farfetch.

Holds a Bachelor's degree from USF and a master's degree from UCLA.
John Wang   Managing Partner

Blockchain industry evangelist and pioneer. Early and core member of the GWC inc.

Former Director of ,leading project development. In 2018, He joined Genesis Capital as Managing Partner, responsible for the investment of blockchain underlying technology and academy research.
Holds Master's degree in engineering and certificate from MIT Blockchain technology .
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