Lancer Capital

LANCER Capital

Founded in 2017, Lancer Group (formerly Genesis Group) is Asia's leading financial institution serving the blockchain industry, with three main sectors: Cryptocurrency Fund, Strategic Consulting and Industry Research. Lancer Group focuses on blockchain venture investment, and is committed to mining premium projects in early stages. Lancer Group provides superior, multi-dimensional, and full life cycle consulting services for blockchain entrepreneurial projects with potential. Supported by a multi-cultural professional team, the core departments -- Investment & Research Department, Trading Department and Risk Control Department are all composed of members from renowned universities and institutions at home and abroad. Team members all have a solid financial background, excellent investment & research ability, keen market perception ability and a high reverence for market and risk. Lancer Group has built a perfect global resource relationship network, covering over 15 countries and regions, including North America, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Britain, India, Vietnam, etc, along with a wealth of overseas investment institutions and global resource pool of high-quality projects.

CryptoCurrency Fund

Serves for high net worth clients and personnel interested in blockchain, Bitcoin and other digital assets, with multiple products.

Industry Research

We will share the most exciting and professional industry information, along with our insights. If you enjoyed this content please follow us on Twitter, Media, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Strategy Consultancy

Lancer covers global regional resources to provide global strategic consulting and guidance for entrepreneurial teams, accelerating projects, energiziing operation and landing business. Service covers industry analysis, strategic planning, structure building and legal compliance.

Cooperative Partners
We value each of our interlocutors to ensure the quality of our business relationships
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